To perfectly maintain your premium Tape-In extensions, only wash them if they look dirty, lifeless, have product build-up or begin to smell less-than-fragrant, you do not need to wash them as often as your natural hair. Because your extensions are not directly connected to your head as your natural hair is, they do not receive nourishment from the oils that your natural hair does. In order to keep your extensions smooth and vivacious, it is important to soak your extensions in the right conditioner before you rinse them.

Washing Your Hair Extensions

1. Always begin by brushing your hair to remove any tangles, with a soft brush, start from the tips to detangle the ends of your hair first, and work upwards to detangle one section at a time. Remember, your extensions require a more gentle approach than your natural hair.

  2. After brushing your hair wash using shampoo and conditioner which is sulphate and paraben free, we use and recommend ‘Eleven Australia’ products.

3. Rinse your hair extensions under warm water (remember, extreme heat is the enemy of your extensions) gently work the shampoo with a downward stroking motion, rinse thoroughly.

4. With the same technique, apply conditioner and let sit for 10 minutes before gently rinsing it out.

5. We recommend allowing your hair extensions to air dry. However, if you must use heat, be sure to always use a heat protector and set your hair dryer to a low temperature.

6. Add some argan oil to lock in additional moisture.

Never sleep with wet hair extensions, not only does it result in a soggy pillow, it can cause the hair to tangle and undo all the hard work you put into it the night before.

Caring For Your Extensions

1. When brushing, start from the tips to detangle the ends of your hair first, and work upwards to detangle one section at a time.

  2. Air drying is best. However, if you do use heat always use a heat protector and have the appliance set to a low temperature. Excessive heat (above 180°C) applied to your extensions will damage or discolour the hair.

3. Before bed, ensure your hair is completely dry, brushed smooth, and put your hair into a braid/plait. This protects your natural hair and extensions from tangling and makes brushing them out in the morning super simple.

4. When you are not wearing your extensions, make sure they are completely dry, brushed and neatly folded, and keep them in the KG Luxury Hair box provided.


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