60A - Beach Bombshell

60A - Beach Bombshell

You will love our Beach Bombshell Extensions! For natural, subtle blonde hair, these extensions come in 18” (45.7cm) or 22” (55.8cm), providing luscious length and vivacious volume to your already luminescent hair, to give you the radiance of a sun-drenched, pristine beach.


KG Luxury Hair WEFT Extensions are our premium permanent extensions, which are sewn into your
existing hair to create long-lasting, beautiful volume, length or colour variation like foiling or balayage. These extensions require a professional to apply them, and when given the right amount of TLC, our WEFT extensions can last up to 2 years.


Being 100% unprocessed virgin hair, they also matt and tangle less than your own hair. Especially if this is your first foray into hair extensions, we always advise our clients to have them professionally applied for the best, most natural looking result


KG Luxury Hair Tape Extensions are simple to apply, fairly easy to maintain and with the right amount of TLC can last up to 8 weeks. Tape Extensions are the perfect short term extensions for special events that need that extra volume, length or variation of colour to make you look your luminous best. These extensions are ideal for a formal ball, your run on the Red Carpet, your wedding day - or just because!


KG Luxury Hair Clip Extensions are the simplest, fastest extensions to give you longer, fuller-body hair, or the colour variation of foiling without needing to spend additional time or cost of professional help. With the right amount of TLC can last up to 12 months. They are ideal for the savvy fox who wants a boost of volume, length or colour variation when it matters, while maintaining the commitment-free ability to remove them for sport (of any kind) like your workout, daily swim etc. The ability to take out your extensions for vigorous activity and reapply them to clean hair allows you to ensure the best standard of hygiene and longevity of your extensions.


KG Luxury Hair Halo Extensions are perfect for those busy ladies who can’t have extensions all the time due to work, sport or other commitments! These are super quick to apply, from start to finish in under two minutes. KG Luxury Hair Halo Extensions have been designed with comfort in mind, providing a non-intrusive, safe and almost undetectable alternative to hair extensions. Made with 100% virgin unprocessed hair, these extensions give your hair a fuller, longer and natural soft look while being fully adjustable for different head sizes. No tapes, no glue and no WEFTS, just a simple wire that holds it in place. 


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