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Hi, I’m Kristin Gillies, creator of KG Luxury Hair. I started KG Luxury Hair because women who truly appreciate their crowning glory deserve premium quality hair extensions.


For as long as I can remember, I have loved all things representing feminine beauty, especially hair. It is a woman’s natural crown and an extension of her mood, attitude and divine essence, whether it be pulled into a neat, low ponytail for the office, let down for around home, curled for a night out or wrapped into an elegantly styled bun to match the pearls and sleek black ensemble for the perfect evening. I love seeing the sparkle of confidence and radiance in the eye of a woman who looks as beautiful as they feel. For me, following my passion for hair felt so natural that it led to opening a luxury salon in Newcastle’s East End where I style, colour and apply extensions to make my clients feel as beautiful as they intrinsically are, without compromise.


From day one of Salt Hair, premium quality extensions have been in high demand. Whether our Salty Style-istas are looking for luscious length, vivacious volume or beautifully balanced balayage, as a salon with expertise in all things styling and extensions, we are more than able to help them achieve their perfect look. The only problem was the extensions available were not up to our standard of quality and grade.


I spent over 12 months searching for the most premium of extensions for women around the globe, a product which is as uncompromising as the women who apply it to adorn their natural crown. This was the birth of KG Luxury Hair. At KG Luxury Hair, we are more than a supplier of premium hair extensions, we are experts who apply extensions every day in our Salon and offer training for other local salons and aspiring stylists. How does this benefit you? It gives you unwavering CONFIDENCE! If you have a specific look, we can make sure you have the right product, for the right price, and we’ll even provide advice in how to apply it perfectly. That is the promise of KG Luxury Hair.


KG Luxury Hair uses only Grade 10A hair extensions. The highest quality in the industry, our extensions are not only 100% REMY hair, they are 100% unprocessed virgin hair from one person, have thick ends and immaculate structure. Our extensions actually tangle and matt less than your own hair, they require very little maintenance, last for up to 2 years and allow for a full spectrum of dye options from jet-black to platinum blond, and virtually any shade of colour in between. It is simply the best product, provided for women around the globe who only want the best for their crown.


KG Luxury Hair uses the highest grade of hair extensions. We provide our premium product wholesale to all hair salons, and can also apply them personally at Salt Hair with expertise and precision to your unique crown.

Simply place your order, or if you’re in the Newcastle area, come in and visit any time.

With love, Kristin xo

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