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Styling Tips for Your New Luxurious Hair Extensions

Luxurious hair extensions can make you look stunning as long as you style them the right way. As you buy hair extensions near me, it’s important to know a few simple styling tips to help you achieve the best outcome. Read on for some easy tips that will ensure your new luxurious hair extensions look amazing.

Braid the Hair Underneath

The idea of wearing hair extensions is for them to blend with your natural hair. Shorter hairs have a tendency to stick out from underneath, which could make everything end up looking like a messy ‘do. To combat this problem, take the bottom layer of your hair located at the nape of your neck, and style it into a braid. Wrap the braid flat against your head and pin it into place using a few bobby pins. This simple tip will keep your natural hair neatly in place and tucked away under your new luxurious hair extensions.

Style it on a Hanger

One extremely easy and convenient way to style your hair extensions is to do so in advance before you attach them. You can do this by using a special hanger made just for extensions. This hanger will hold your wefts and can keep everything neatly in place. Once you hang up the extension, you can curl, straighten, and style your new hair to your heart’s content. Styling everything from this angle makes it much easier to achieve the look you want. You can also use both hands, which can also make styling a whole lot easier. Once you’re done, clip the extensions into your hair to create a beautiful, seamless blend. Visit our website today to buy hair extensions near me so you can create the perfect look! We offer a variety of lengths and colors so you can find the ultimate style for you.

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