Thank you for choosing KG Luxury Hair, we are sure you will love your new extensions! We know you take your outward beauty as seriously as you do your inward beauty, so be sure to read these care instructions and weave them into your beauty regimen in order to get the longest life out of your extensions.


KG Luxury Hair extensions are 100% Grade 10A Remy Hair, they are 100% unprocessed virgin hair from one person, have thick ends and immaculate structure. Our hair is made up of Keratin, a protein filament. In Remy Hair, the outer layers or cuticles are left intact along each strand. Extensions made from Remy hair resemble our own natural hair, with each stand made up of microscopic overlapping flat cells aligned in the same direction and falling in the same way that natural hair does. This prevents knots and tangles.

Being 100% human hair, each set is unique and no two share the exact same characteristics, which means that just as with your glorious crown, slight variations will occur in hair texture, colour, strand thickness and body. The colour of your extensions will also play a part in determining their lifespan.

-We recommend avoiding products like purple/silver shampoos or toners, which will weaken and damage your extensions hair overtime and reduce their lifespan.

-We offer a colour match service to make sure you receive the perfect tone from the beginning and recommend avoiding the use of dye, colouring or bleach as these processes will reduce the life span of your hair extensions, and we cannot guarantee any products which have been altered.

-We recommend avoiding exposure to excessive heat - it is your premium extensions’ worst nightmare and will dry and discolour the hair, ultimately reducing its life span.

-We recommend avoiding excessive washing or styling, as over-styling promotes product build up and leaves the hair heavy and lifeless. To avoid this, it is best to limit washing to 1-2 times per week.


Please note, if the products have been altered or exposed to the above elements in any way, we cannot refund or exchange them.


To give you the longest lifespan of your premium extensions, they must be cared for properly. Hair extensions do not have the ability to naturally repair like your own hair.

In order to keep your extensions healthy, silky and smooth you will need to work our simple maintenance routine into your beauty regimen! Please choose your extensions type below for specific care instructions. 

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